The Company


With past projects ranging from spectacular site-specific works created with 10,000 concrete blocks, to simultaneous performances across continents using live internet streaming, Station House Opera is an internationally renowned performance company with a unique physical and visual style. Founded in 1980 it has produced over 30 productions of widely varying scale and focus, but all rooted in an interest to make work that brings together theatre and the visual arts in a single unified vision. The company has created projects in a variety of locations all over the world, from New York's Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage to Dresden's historic Frauenkirche and Salisbury Cathedral, and has toured the world, from Azerbaijan to Kosovo, China to Brazil.

The company is led by artistic director and co-founder Julian Maynard Smith and has worked with over 100 performers in various projects, revolving around a core group including at various times Miranda Payne, David Goulding, Alison Urquhart, Jo Miles, Pascal Brannan, Bruce Gilchrist, Susannah Hart, Helen Morse Palmer, Yoko Ishiguro and Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso.

Artistic Director: Julian Maynard Smith
Producer: Judith Knight for Artsadmin
Project Manager: Mary Osborne for Artsadmin

Board of Trustees: Gary Stevens, Maria Ribot, Abigail Conway, Emma Benson, Jeremy Peyton-Jones, Robin Deacon