A Split Second of Paradise (1985 - 1990)

A Split Second of Paradise
A Split Second of Paradise

Five bodies and hundreds of breeze blocks come together in a rapidly evolving architectural procession - the building and rebuilding of historical tableaux, from the story of Genesis to depictions of modern man. Sheer physical endeavour and slap stick humour contribute to this analogy of materialism and of human ambition, achievement and collapse.

Commissioned by The Midland Group, Nottingham. Supported by Artangel, the British Council and the Tate Gallery's Patrons of New Art.

"Leave your prejudices about acting and theatre at home and experience theshock of the new."
City Limits

Past performances

Nottingham, Midland Group
London, Acme Studios
London, The Place

Venice Biennale
Amsterdam Summer Festival, Veemtheater
Lisbon Festival
Paris, Avant Premiere Exhibition
Poland, Tour to Warsaw, Gdansk and Posnan
Valladolid Festival
Budapest, Petofi Hall
Pecs, Hungary
Zagreb, Eurokaz Festival
Basel, Keep It Simple Festival

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