Piranesi In New York (1988)

Photo: Dona Ann McAdams Photo: Dona Ann McAdams

The first of a series of site-specific architectural performances using 3,000 concrete blocks and five performers. The series was inspired by the 18th century Italian artist Piranesi, best known for his series of engravings of fantastical prisons and classical ruins in contemporary Rome.

Presented on the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage by the First New York Festival of the Arts. Commissioned by Creative Time, NYC.

"There is some fairly startling geometric imagery in Piranesi… the five actors build a three-levelled city, a jumbled collection of stairways and fantastic towers"
New York Times


Review: Piranesi In New York
22 Jul 1988
Published in The Boston Phoenix

Review: Piranesi In New York
16 Jun 1988
Published in New York Times

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