Black Works (1991)

Photo: Stevie Whitson
Photo: Cor Hageman
Photo: Cor Hageman
Photo: Cor Hageman
Photo: Cor Hageman
Photo: Cor Hageman
Photo: Cor Hageman Photo: Daniel Faoro

Out of the blackness a downpour of flour fell from the ceiling like fine snow, covering the floor. Using brooms or their bodies, the ensemble of performers left marks in the white dust which varied from impromptu body traces to abstract designs, figurative drawings and cartoons - from high art to popular culture, from individual expression to programmed action. Some performers worked blindfolded, others wore headsets and obeyed instructions that only they could hear. Marks were repeatedly modified or erased and fresh flour-falls provided, from time to time, a new start. As in The Bastille Dances, Black Works offered a quasi-historical overview suggesting that the contributions made by peoples or cultures are destroyed by those who follow.

Commissioned by ICA, London, Mickery Theatre, Amsterdam, Creative Time, New York, Gessneralle, Zurich and Granada Festival, Spain. Funded by Barclays New Stages Scheme.

"A finely tuned black comedy about our evolution from dumbness to articulacy"
The Independent

Past performances

London, ICA
Dursley, Prema Arts Centre
Manchester, Green Room
Lancaster, Nuffield Theatre
Warwick Arts Centre
Leicester, De Montfort University

Belgrade, BITEF
New York, The Kitchen
Granada, Granada Festival
Amsterdam, Touch Time Festival
Montreal, Festival des Ameriques
Zurich, Theater Spektakel
Antwerp Festival

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