Limelight (1995 - 1996)

Photo: Tara Jang Photo: Tara jang
Photo: Tara Jang Photo: Tara Jang

Limelight used entirely pre-electrical technology to create an open air set lit by limelight and gaslight. In the unfocused glare from the incandescent lime, the performers became transformed figures in an intricately balanced mechanical set. Some performers struggled to provide light whilst others basked in its glory - the spectre of flashgun photography and the self-consciousness of those caught in its glare haunted the scenes.

Funded by the Arts Council of England.

"The show is an exercise in phenomenalism, explored by means of an unwieldy contraption - a sort of alternative Meccano - which seesaws erratically with some brave body clinging to one of its metal arms, and gas fuelled flames roaring from various apparatus. ... an entertainment for sure."
The Stage

Past performances

Cambridge, Kettles Yard
Cardiff Art and Time Festival
London, South Bank Centre

Copenhagen, European City of Culture 1996
Zurich, Zürcher Festspielen

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