Backwards (2007 - 2010)

Julian Maynard Smith

The audience arrives at the Shunt Vaults shortly before the end, only to see the performance stop and then reverse, back past the point of their arrival to the events at a flat in a neighbouring tower block before the start, played out in backwards action. Some of the audience are brought back to the performance space, and then earlier driven to the flat to witness a horrific accident. A video link relayed the events back to the remaining audience members.

With the usual notions of causality, morality, will, belief and common sense reversed, do we still believe in progress? Do we have evidence that humans improve? Evolution may operate in time, but our sensibilities do not, as life becomes one damn thing after another. Does cause necessarily precede effect? Perhaps criminals are striking a blow for civilisation?

The piece was followed up in 2010 with a workshop with 30 participants, presented at the Battersea Arts Centre, taking place throughout the building.

A company that can still be well ahead of the game.
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Past performances

Shunt Vaults and Burwash House, Weston St, London  2007

Battersea Arts Centre, London   2010


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